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What is a marshal?

A motorsport marshal carries out a wide range of duties, all of which contribute to the overall efficiency and success of a motorsport event, whether that is a race, rallying or speed (sprinting and hill-climbing) event.  It is a voluntary role, and vital to the organisation of motorsport within the UK.

Why become a marshal?

It's an exciting way of getting involved in motorsport.  You get into events free, learn new skills, meet new people and make new friends, help others, watch the action with the best view possible, and have a great day out.  Your contribution is appreciated and recognised by everyone involved, including the organising clubs and competitors.  As a marshal, you join a band of enthusiasts who enjoy motorsport and, through active marshalling clubs, an interesting social life.

What qualifications and training do I need?

No qualifications are required, just a willingness to get involved, have fun and learn what it's all about.  To be a full marshal you have to be 16 or above, but there's also opportunities for under 16's to become involved as a cadet marshal.  Training is provided by motorsport clubs, marshal clubs and the Motor Sport Association (MSA).  If you already have special skills, such a technical skills, mechanical, rescue, vehicle recovery, medical, first aid or administration, you may wish to use those skills in your role as a marshal.

What time commitment is involved?

There's no minimum requirement beyond attending appropriate training, so it's up to you.  Some people notch up 70 or more days marshalling each year, at home and abroad, others might just do the occassional weekend.

Can I just work locally or do I have to travel?

Again, it's entirely up to you.  Many marshals choose to work at their local race circuit or other nearby motorsport locations, whereas others are happy to travel around the country.

How do I find out more and get started?

There's more information available via:

British Motorsport Marshals Club
British Rally Marshals Club
Darlington & District Motor Club
Motor Sports Association
Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club
Volunteers in Motorsports  
BMSAD - British Motor Sport Association for the Disabled  

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