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Run it myself or go to a team?

The answer to this question is likely to be heavily influenced by your level of mechanical ability. If you are able to prepare a car to a decent standard, and have sufficient spare time, then running your own car is a valid option. It also helps considerably if you have a really good mate or relative who can help you!

The advantages of going with a team are that you can concentrate on just racing, your time commitment is considerably less and, provided you have chosen a decent team, they should have considerable expertise in preparing and setting up race cars.  But you will pay for that support and experience so you need to be clear from the outset just what is and what isn't included in the price.

Also, it is worth doing your research before committing to a deal with a team. Most race teams are honourable and professional, but like any industry, a few may not be so!

It is quite common for competitors to opt for somewhere between these two alternatives: looking after the car themselves for all the day to day stuff, and calling on the expertise of a team or highly competent mechanic, or specialist body shop, when things get tricky.

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