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Which championship or race series is right for me?

If you are joining friends on the grid, or already have a clear idea of which championship or race series you want to enter, then you'll need to sort out membership of the relevant club and pay any championship registration fees. These will be detailed in the regulations for the championship/series you have chosen, which are available from the organising club and generally from their website.

If you havenít yet worked out what you want to do, itís time to do some research. This can consist of checking out the championship information on this website, browsing the websites of racing clubs, talking to them to find out more, reading the motorsport press, attending motorsport shows, as well as going to race meetings, watching the races and meeting the competitors. That will take some time, but you should find it worthwhile as it will help narrow down your areas of interest and possibly open up options you hadnít previously considered.

For most competitors, the cost of racing in a particular championship is a key factor. Itís often difficult to get accurate information about costs, as generally they tend to be under-estimated, possibly so as not to put you off joining! When budgeting, as well as the personal equipment you need, you should at least consider costs of the car, parts, tyres, fuel, tools, transport and accommodation, mechanical repairs and bodywork repairs, any insurances, and the fees of a team or mechanic if you are having their help, as well as club and championship fees, race entry fees, and testing fees. This is not necessarily a complete list, but we think it contains most of areas where expense is incurred by motorsport competitors. Itís very rare that competitors can complete a season of DIY racing for under £5,000, and more often than not the budget is anything from £15,000 to £20,000 upwards.

Here's some rough figures to give you an idea of what you might have to spend:

Club racing £5,000 - £30,000+
Semi-professional £60,000 - £170,000
BTCC, F3, British GTs  £250,000 Ė £500,000+

To get to be the next Lewis Hamilton... £5,000,000 (no guarantees!)

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