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How do I start?

As with circuit racing, having already joined a car club thatís affiliated to the Motor Sports Association, your first move is to contact the MSA www.msauk.org.

Unlike circuit racing, you donít need a medical or an ARDS course to begin sprinting and hillclimbing. You still have to do things in stages though, and initially apply for a Non-Race National B licence. For £36 this will enable you to enter National B status events, which will include a high proportion of sprints or hillclimbs run by regional clubs. It also means that you wonít be allowed to compete in a racing or sports libre car of more than 2-litres unless the car is road legal.

Once you have obtained the Clerk of the Courseís signature on your upgrade card (which youíll find in your copy of the MSA Competitorsí Yearbook, issued to all licence holders) at four events, for another £68 you can apply for a Speed National A licence, which will enable you to enter all types of sprint and hillclimb Ė so now you can go out and buy your Gould V8 single seater and take on the British Championship contenders! One of those four signatures may be replaced by a signature from one of the MSAís recognized Association of Hillclimb and Sprint Schools (AHASS), confirming successful completion of the day-long, on-track course which also includes a short written test. There are several such schools across the country and it is strongly recommended that prospective competitors attend one. Theyíre run by qualified, licensed instructors - no experience is necessary, you use your road car and apart from anything else, theyíre a great day out!

Hillclimb and Sprint Driversí Schools:

Curborough Sprint Driversí School
Gurston Down Hillclimb Driversí School
Harewood Hillclimb Driversí School
Prescott Hillclimb Driversí School

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