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What car do I use?

With sprints and hillclimbs divided into a variety of classes for different types of car, and further sub-divided into capacity limits, unless you’re looking to win an event outright, the choice of vehicle is virtually endless.

It really all depends upon your inclination or the depth of your pocket! Within most championships, particularly the myriad of regional events (as opposed to the top level British events) you can run a humble production road car, sports or saloon. Or you can progress through successively modified versions of road cars until you've got the ultimate ‘Modified Production’ version. This could possibly render it unsuitable for ordinary road use – which means you’d have to trailer it to an event.

‘Kitcars’, such as Caterhams, Westfields or their many variants, are a very popular and affordable way of obtaining serious performance for a (relatively) modest outlay. Many competitors, however, choose to run a purpose-built racer; sports libre or single seater, hich can cost anything from around £5000 upwards. Bear in mind that to compete in such a car of more than 2-litres capacity you must hold a Speed National A licence (see ‘How do I start?).

If your sights are set really high, the outlay for, say, a new V8 Gould that would be capable of winning the British Hillclimb Championship, plus the tyres and equipment to run it effectively, would run into six figures…





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